Syrian Street Celebration

The second anniversary of the Syrian revolution

The portrait is complete in the Syrian saga, Art defeats death, and martyrs chant before the bullets penetrate their bodies: “there must be freedom”. And that is why there must be a Syrian street celebration on the second anniversary of the start of the Syrian people revolution.

Celebrating life in spite of the heavy death and the military meat shredder that ravages cities and innocent bodies everyday for two whole years. This resistance deserves to be celebrated and to rejoice going again in the battle, from here came the idea of organizing the Syrian street celebration.

Two years of voice and freedom are enough to glorify the championships of people who dream of a more beautiful homeland. The Syrian will present the Syrian in the festival of freedom from 15 to 22 March, 2013 with songs, movies, and portraits distributed over several places and squares in Syria, and in the squares of world capitals.

In the liberated Syrian North, the first edition of the free documentary films festival will be held where a number of documentaries made by the Syrian revolution will be on show and a series of short films about civilian experiences from different liberated areas.

Residents of Jarablos city will light candles on the Euphrates as a peace message to the world against its silence towards the daily massacres in their country.

Painters in Aleppo will color destroyed buildings and distribute to people flags of the revolution and hang them in Aleppo neighborhoods. The city of Manbej will witness interactive theatrical performances and Puppet Theater for children.

“Qashosh Bostan Al Qasr” will sing freedom songs in Aleppo, and a graffiti campaign “Freedom is a must” will participate, confirming freedom as an only choice to the Syrian people away from the Regime of death and all the extremist groups he supports.

Kafranbel will present a demonstration carrying a number of banners special to the occasion.

Outside of Syria, the celebration will be presented by a number of activities in different European cities, including Istanbul where the Turkish audience will be presented by “Days of street cinema”. Paris will be holding big events, the first is “White Wave” where two French artists wear coffins and hold banners that say: “Stop the killing” addressed to the Syrian regime.

A group of journalists and doctors that have recently been to Syria will give seminars about the humanitarian situation in it. An exhibition of photographs about the Syrian revolution will take place in Paris, in addition to a theatrical titled: “Syria in the heart” prepared, acted, and directed by a group of French theater actors. The celebration will present the French audience with movies about the Syrian revolution by the Street Media Foundation and Abu Naddara project, in addition to Kurdish music on Norouz day.

The Syrian Street Celebration in its second edition is organized by Street Foundation for Media and Development, with the participation of a group of Syrian civil institutions, and active forces in the revolution inside and outside of Syria.

The educator of generations told us how they were looking for yahia, and were ordered to raid the house so she treated them with her usual warm-heartedness and respect to the humanity of human beings, so they did not disgrace them nor did they scatter her furniture or cause her chaos. She said to us: I do not pray only for my children, I pray for all the youth and people for relief.


Our mother: the mother of Yahia and Maan..

You are always a role model

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