A Syrian semi monthly, independent, political, cultural, social, and economic magazine

Activist, journalist, Assistant Editor-in-Chief of Freedomraise and Director of its main office in Douma / Eastern Ghouta, holding a degree in Arts, English Language Department, Damascus University. He is also director of the office of the Syrian Non-violence Movement in Damascus Suburbs.

Razan Zeitouneh Syrian human rights activist lawyer, participated in Syrian revolution in 2011 and was one of the founders of the Local Coordination Committees, which has been active in organizing peaceful movement in Syrian revolution. Razan holds several international awards in human rights and freedom of expression. Razan continued her humanitarian work in east Ghoutta in countryside of Damascus, but she was kidnapped with three other colleagues (Samira AlKhaleel, Nazim Hammadi, and Wael Hammadeh) by extremist group that controls the area, in December 2013. Razan is one of the founders of "Talaana Aaharih" Rising For Freedom magazine, and she kept working as a key editor until she was kidnapped.

Syrian writer, journalist and activist; RFM Chief Editor The Occupied Golan Heights

A Syrian writer and researcher. He carries a Master degree in Western Philosophy.

A Syrian-Palestinian poet and journalist. The editor-in-chief of “Abwab Newspaper” ( “the first Arabic newspaper in Germany”. Cultural editor of “Freedomraise Magazine” ( “an Independent magazine interested in affairs of Syria, the Syrian Revolution, Syrians, refugees and their issues, published in print and electronically, distributed inside Syria and in Syrian refugee camps”. He issued his first book "Walking on Dreams" in 2014 which is a poetry book about the Syrian revolution, then earned a grant for full-time writing of "Heinrich Böll" Foundation in Germany. Writes in many Arabic and German newspapers and publications. He lives in Germany since November 2014 in Cologne.

An IT and digital security expert

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