Kurdish women in the Syrian revolution

Prepared by activist Naz

In a snapped shot by the camera of one of the rebels “a group of women in one of our suburbs make sweets for rebels while singing and exchanging conversation about the rebels and the revolution, an almost magical scene not cinematically made but is reality.

This is how big revolutions are, women are the back up and they are the spring, the pillar, and the support.

Women are goddesses of love when love is needed, and goddesses of war when war is needed, they are goddesses of love and war together in times of revolution.

The Syrian woman today is a goddess of love and war together, making miracles by standing and resisting by the side of the Syrian man to face the most notorious and violent system on the face of this planet.

The revolution is a female….. Led by men

Not only the revolution is female, freedom is female, dignity is female, even life is female, and men alone do not do revolutions; history witnessed the names of many female rebels, and it’s their natural right to be crowned queens on these values, says the female activist “Kalbahar Mohammad” and adds about the role of Kurdish women in the Syrian revolution, as she participated not only in Kurdish areas but also in most of Syria’s rebel areas where she was. Today, in addition to this, she is doing many activities of civil society organizations effectively, and did not stand idly in spite of security and community pressures. A lot of Women’s associations were active in the Kurdish areas within the activities of civil society where it adopted the principle of awareness and educating the Kurdish woman, and activate her historical role in society whether it is during the revolution or even after it to create a society that rises with her ambition as a Kurdish woman. She is also preparing to build a new Syria overwhelmed with a burden heavier than before; as she is obligated with a more active part after the social construction was disrupted due to the loss of massive numbers of men. This defect forced new roles upon her, and opened different horizons than before.

In spite of this, no female Kurdish names appeared in the Syrian revolution, social activist “Mahoush Sheikhi” explained this by saying: this is due to the media in general. I here confirm that the Kurdish woman have achieved a lot and have contributed effectively in the revolution, she has proven herself and thus will not back down from what she has accomplished. The revolution have presented the Kurdish woman with a lot, as it provided her with a historical opportunity to challenge her underdeveloped reality and break many customs and traditions that have restricted the freedom of women as human beings. Women marched out to express themselves in many demonstrations and activities after her barrier of fear was demolished by the revolution.

Despite the severity of the suffering the Syrian society is going through women with their tenderness, femininity, and glory kept going with the revolution, challenging everything in order for the Syrian revolution to stay the greatest, largest, and longest of all revolutions, and unfortunately the bloodiest of all.

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