About Us

Who are we?

A semi monthly magazine, printed and distributed in Syria and some refugee camps.

 The magazine, Freedomraise, looks forward to be one of the daring Syrian experiments.

In its name it carries a special sensitivity that contradicts with the visions of the young generation in which rising means leaving behind inherited formulas and thoughts in order to rise to freedom.

 It hopes to address a young generation who wants to express himself and reveal his thoughts, who looks forward to find in it a forum for communication, a register for his experiences and a witness on his exhausting ascendance to freedom.

Today, the Syrian society leaves behind 50 years of isolation, in which many Syrians used to call their country the “Big Prison”.

Their various activities today declare that they had broken the chain of tyranny. Now the future of Syria is rich in optimistic promises and a wider scope of freedom.

In this magazine, “Freedomraise”, we want to participate in the great struggle to free Syria and make its dreams and promises realities and facts.

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