Ghost Towns

Meral Brordo


An Aton burning the wind in a declaration of spring, but I am the fuel of this holocaust… that delicious Citron talisman, and all are amateur painters in front of a painting of wandering with gushing fragment.

I shall dwell in narrating this strenuous puzzle and shall be put to death on the banks of an apparel recessive from a journey to divine paradise, a witness to peaks wearing bigarade flowers.. The ten pens dance playing on the chords of my waste, a waste skinned from secluding negatively for life.. But the flouncing certainty as if a phoenix from the ashes of her losses bends in an eon of macho ingratitude before the gift of the courageously miserable rib, subdued to the sin of god..
Madness.. ?! There is madness in that falsely boast of proofs lurked in foolish pants..

Let the sun raise you with the palm of her hands to the nest of god, your optimum worthiness.. the macho obsession, on the other hand, is everlastingly holding passion down gasping for the possession of the female in a desire to stay waving a card that he left for ruin through sitting in her lap as a playful child, dipping his damn cake in the creeks of unending generosity…

I will purchase my mess from this market crowded with lost causes.. and I will shine with infinite glimmer through the clouds of my fake playfulness.. I will wed with this truth and not on it.. then.. I will present you with keys of my warm snow-clad cities.

I ask for your permission.. I ask for the permission of the ruins of our macho crimes against your soiled fragrance by our frightened senses of smell with the gasps of our instantaneous voracity I ask for your permission.. I ask for the permission of the spark of this rib crooked as a certainty swing with the skill of god in your creation..

I leave you gentlemen.. congratulating the fall of system of stupid evaluation casts.. I leave you orphans, poor, and foolish..

I leave you refugees to cities you have forsaken..

Cities with the flavor of a forsaken woman..

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