More Reality … Less Hopes and Dreams

Editorial, Issue No. 58

 With the approaching of any international political move towards the resolution of the Syrian crisis, different Syrian opposition groups and prominent media and political personalities call against the Iranian participation and perhaps the Russian as well, in a way that can be described as full of exaggeration, expressing personal beliefs and desires.

Regardless of the outcomes of the latest Vienna Conference, in which the Iranian presence was prior to the presence of the Syrian opposition, and although we do not have high expectations regarding such moves and conferences, we call on the opposition leaderships to prioritize the realistic and objective thinking to end the pains and displacement of the Syrians. Unfortunately, so far, we have only seen their failure and objective support against the interests of the Syrians.

After five years of vicious war in Syria and against Syria, all those, who are looking for a solution for the Syrian crisis are supposed to have understood that no realistic solutions can ignore the interests of Iran and Russia, rather it seems that the solution is in the hands of the latter.

On the other hand, it looks disturbing that some Syrians, especially the leaderships, believe that there can be allies and friends of the Syrian people, who can be reliable and willing to resolve the Syrian crisis. It is actually stupid to believe that the USA and its allies might ever work for the interests of Syria and the Syrians more than any other power, or that the policies of Qatar and Saudi Arabia, for example, towards the Arab Spring in general were less evil and destructive than the policies of Iran and Russia.

It has become clear today that there are no real allies for Syria. The opposition leaderships should, at least, bear their responsibilities and admit their mistakes and that they are dwarfed in front of the sacrifices of their glorious people. The sacrifices that never had a resemblance in the latest decades. Those leaderships should recognize facts on ground and work harder to stop this continual suffering with every possible means.

Recognition of facts on ground means first of all that the fighting of countries on our land and against our capabilities, present and future only serves the interests of those countries and their different plots in the region. Unfortunately, the tough situation in Syria does not allow us to be selective. We cannot distance any international power only because we don’t like it. If a rational and consolidated solution for all the Syrians looks far to reach today, we have to deal with facts on ground and accept negotiation on other solutions that do not meet our hopes and dreams. Our main goal should be to stop bloodshed and killings that are seen everywhere.

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