By Alaa Oudeh

I feel an urgent need to admit that I love my quiver, and I trust it more than anything else. Quivering is a doubtless case. You have two options: Either to quiver, or not. There is no grey case in between. There is no complimentary here. Some crocodiles shed tears on their preys. There are killers, who march in their slain’s funeral, carrying every possible inhuman deceptive behavior. However; there can never be an actor, who might quiver while playing a neutral role that has no influence on him. Still, there is reason to be optimistic as long as there is one human being on earth, who can quiver!!!

I believe that quivering is the golden standard to evaluate a poem, a film, a music note, a painting or a certain event. The real beauty or the real sadness, which is also another type of beauty  from a shy stunned perspective, are the only feelings to inject in your biology an instant sense of ecstasy in the form of chilling. For example, I fully realize that my feelings towards that girl represent an undoubted true love because whenever I try in vain to tell her of my love, I just quiver.

Lately I saw a kind of prophecy, in which I see an immigrant, carrying a cross, heavy with all the human feelings, walking via a long road of quivering….

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