A statistical study of female martyrs and detainees in Syrian Revolution

From 15-03-2011 to 31-01-2013

Preparation by *Amir Kazkaz

Violations of the regime did not exclude any Syrian in the past two years, as long as he participated in the uprising of his people and demanded his freedom. Women had a significant proportion of violations that ranged between killings, arrests, kidnappings and torture.

Speaking of documented statistical figures of the number of female martyrs and detainees in the Syrian revolution, it is important to admit that these statistical figures are incomplete especially regarding female detainees; this is due to the difficulty of documenting detainees in Syria due to security conditions, the movement of internal displacement, and the large external migration which increases the difficulty of communication, as well as what human rights activists undergo from security prosecutions and violations considering that they are taking part in exposing the regime’s practices or daily serious crimes. Add to that the sensitivity of the oriental society in speaking about incidents of women arrests in Syria.

In reference to the Violations Documentation Center in Syria we find that the number of adult females who have martyred in the past two years is as follows:

 Sex                        Female adult

Number               3183                      

Their percentage from the total sum of martyrs in the revolution            6%

Shelling                48%

Shooting              25%

Air shelling         16%

Three cases of women who martyred under torture were documented by the Regimes Shabiha, two in Damascus and one in Homs. And twenty cases of field executions, the first case was documented on 07-09-2011 against the martyr Nouf Abbas Al Bayaa, 47 years old from Bayada-Homs, where she was kidnapped by security forces and her body was then thrown in Souq Al Hal.

*photo description

Nina Jamil Oshana, 24 years old, Al Hasaka. Martyred on 30-01-2013 due to artillery shelling by army forces on a bus she was riding from Al Hasaka province to Lebanon passing through Damascus, where the bus was exposed to a tank shell on Nabek road.

Female child martyrs (under the age of 18)

Sex                         female child

Number               1521

Their percentage from the total sum of martyrs in the revolution            3%

Main reason of death    80% of them died from artillery & aerial shelling

88 cases of field executions of female children were recorded; these operations were centered in the province of Homs were 52 cases of field executions against female children were documented.

Generally, most cases of women’s martyrhood take place within collective retaliations from rebel areas by indiscriminate shelling, collective field executions, and sniper gunfire.

*photo description

Rayan Amyan, three years, Daraa Mahatta, a bullet of one of the army’s snipers interred her left side penetrating her heart while she was in her house.

Adult female detainees

Sex                         female adult

Number               608

Not released     240

Area                      45% of arrest cases were documented in the province and suburbs of Damascus

The largest percentage of female detainees belongs to revolutionary work activists, whether it is media, civil, or medical.

There is a percentage of female detainees who are being held hostage, where the Syrian Regime often arrests family members of those who are wanted for dissent as a pressure card and a threat to the safety of the wanted family in order for him to surrender, as the regime finds an appropriate means of pressure in arresting mothers and wives in order for him to practice his blackmail on detainees.

Many torture testimonies against ex-female detainees were recorded, where they narrated what they have been subjected to from maltreatment in different security branches.

Inkhel’s free women: Ayat Jowdat Al Remman, Sabrine Farid Al Remman, and Asmaa Al Farraj are still detained for more than a year on 25-2-2012.

*photo description

Peaceful movement female activist Majd Al Sharbaji in still detained from 31-12-2012, knowing that she is married with three children.

*Member of the Violations Documentation Center in Syria


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